Starting a new venture or even maintaining a current one can be a stressful and at times terrifying task. Keeping in mind the high percentage of businesses that fail its no wonder we put so much importance on being in the small number of those that thrive.

I think you would be hard-pressed to find a successful entrepreneur who hasn’t, at times, felt moments of inadequacy. In my mind, what makes them successful is their ability to never let those negative feelings and emotions slow them down. They see these intense moments of conflict as a test on the road to living and breathing their chosen passion and to continue moving forward.

I feel confidence is something we acquire over time by nurturing it and running head-on into the aspects of life that threaten to hold us back. It comes from a strong sense of self-knowledge and a willingness to do what scares us.

Here are 3 ways you can begin to build or further strengthen your confidence:

1. Acknowledge your accomplishments.

Do you take the time to celebrate and recognise your achievements? Even in silence you can pat yourself on the back or throw your arms in the air. I’m not saying every completed goal needs to be shouted to the world. Taking time to celebrate your wins will help to keep you motivated and powered up to charge forward into the next task. It will increase positive emotions and add value and strength to your personal growth.

Achievements come in all shapes and sizes, some being more meaningful than others. Implement ways to put importance on your most memorable successes so that in the future when you have moments of self-doubt you will have an arsenal of positive reinforcement at the ready, to overcome any hurdle.

2. Leave your comfort zone behind.

The majority of what you will be doing as an entrepreneur will be out of the realm of normality. You will be required to make tough decisions and follow these with strength and conviction. Trying something new as often as you can will give you a head start on becoming comfortable outside your current zone of perceived tolerance.

Completing new challenges will over time lessen any fear and you will prove to yourself first hand that you are capable of much more than you once thought. Start with small steps and work your way up to powerful strides. Try something you have always been curious about and take time to feel the sense of accomplishment (as above) afterward.

3. Find a trusted mentor.

Teaming up with a trusted and experienced mentor is the best thing I ever did when I began building my creative design company. It’s a given that someone out there, far more experienced than you, has been right where you are. They share and can reflect on the fears, emotions, and struggles that you currently dealing with.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking you know better, most likely, you do not. A mentor can offer you their wealth of experience, point out any pitfalls and give you a sense of accountability in achieving your goals. You will feel more confident having someone to share your ideas, struggles and wins with. If my experience is anything to go buy you will also immediately see an upturn in your income stream.

Tim Kavermann

Tim is the Founder and Creative Director at Fuel Media Limited, and the passionate lifestyle writer here at To Whom It May Concern. He resides on the beautiful North Shore in Auckland, New Zealand.