Meet Tim Kavermann

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert at anything aside from my day job, rather I do believe I am an enthusiast of a lot of things.

To Whom It May Concern has become an ever-evolving platform that is in part my personal journal, in part my portfolio and most importantly a growing resource that I hope to offer to those in need of some direction and inspiration in life. I have discovered the calmness that comes from taking the noise from my head and putting it all into words and images. With a push from some individuals whose opinions mean a lot to me, I have set up TWIMC to share my insights on life, my images showing how I view the world and content to support kiwis suffering from mental illnesses. I hope it may help to elevate and spotlight the topics I am passionate about, to impart creativity and encourage a community to look within themselves and discover what they are struggling with and what they are most enthusiastic about.

I have found peace in writing and photography. It is something I can do alone, I can be selfish and I can follow my own direction. I have more often than not, attached happiness, a sense of accomplishment and my self-worth to external factors, people, and objects – this has proved to be a somewhat monumental downfall… I believe I am not alone. By sharing my life experiences, insights, images and thoughts I have created a sense of worthiness and accomplishment within myself which I now wish to share. I have found a passion that has been long absent in my life. It started as being purely for me, it always will be to some extent a way to cope with the stresses of life but I have quickly discovered its grounding nature and healing ability. I share my words and images with trepidation but hope that they will resonate with others and perhaps instill some of the same personal growth I have and continue to experience.

Read about why I started writing.

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