With summer on the way, it’s the perfect time to take stock of all that is good and bright in our lives. With the influx of Vitamin D, it’s natural to be in a positively heightened state and appreciate the goodness that occurs in our daily lives. Sounds simple right? For some, not so much!

It is clear to me that for many years, even when faced with absolute positivity, I have had a tendency to seek and embrace the darkness. When given a choice I would take the familiar feeling of negativity over the unknown possibility of happiness or fulfillment. I have read this is common among creatives… although I have never understood these findings. In my experience, living in the darkness is the single biggest hindrance on creativity and productiveness. People who know me well are likely aware of this trait. They will have noticed that ‘get on with it’ or ‘these feelings will pass’ have little comfort. I believe I linger longer in the darkness than most. I also believe I am not alone.

Thankfully, I have come to understand grieving a lost relationship, having financial difficulties, surviving rifts in friendships and mourning the passing of loved ones (to name a few) are all natural processes that everyone goes through, so for those who share my struggle, please have patience and understand that the light is coming. When you find yourself in the shadows, even for no obvious reason, you must believe that you cannot experience the light without the times of darkness. Most importantly you must know with absolute certainty that it is in these hard times that we grow, so we may enjoy the times of happiness with more confidence and conviction.

Life’s highs are always preceded by what is often a confronting low. Focus on what you love, what sets your soul on fire and the dawn will come!

Tim Kavermann

Tim is the Founder and Creative Director at Fuel Media Limited, and the passionate lifestyle writer here at To Whom It May Concern. He resides on the beautiful North Shore in Auckland, New Zealand.